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Welcome to STE Consultants

STE Consultants works with school districts, health insurance companies and state agencies throughout California, Texas and New Mexico. STE has the capacity to implement TeleHealth programs anywhere in the United States.

The primary goal of STE has always been to increase our clients’ quality of life by using the technology of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Specifically, STE provides individualized, 1:1 ABA services to our consumers in their homes, schools and community settings. The purpose of our programs is to decrease our client’s engagement in challenging behaviors and increase their functional and socially appropriate behaviors using evidence-based, best practices based on the large body of empirical research that has been conducted in the field of ABA.

Clinical Interns in Behavior Analysis

STE Consultants is proud to announce a new position within our agency - Clinical Intern in Behavior Analysis!

Under the direction of an assigned Clinical Director (CD), the Clinical Intern in Behavior Analysis (CIBA) will perform the duties of a Lead Behavior Technician. In addition, they will be expected to manage a rigorous and varied indirect workload based on the needs of the CD, driven by content in the BCBA Task List and guidelines for supervision.

STE created this position to train, supervise and produce superb clinicians. It is our hope that through this position we can address the increasing demand for professionals in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis!